Has Anyone Tried Kindle Scout?

Some of my writer friends might find this avenue to publishing interesting. I’d never heard of it.


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Amazon has a relatively new publishing program called Kindle Scout.


It’s publishing, not self-publishing, but more accessible than other traditional publishing. And readers have a much more involved role.

Authors submit complete, copy-edited manuscripts, and readers check out the covers, descriptions, first 3000 words, and bios.

Readers vote on their favorites. It’s not strictly a popularity contest, as the book with the most votes is NOT guaranteed a publishing contract.

However, it is important for authors to garner votes, as those votes are needed to get the attention of the Kindle Scout team. Maybe it’s to show them that the author has learned the basic marketing skills needed to attract readers. Once the book has the Kindle Scout team’s consideration, it must thrive on its own merit. But without their attention, it will just fizzle.

Kindle Scout pays a $1500 advance and 50% royalties…

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2 thoughts on “Has Anyone Tried Kindle Scout?

  1. Hi! I am an alumni of Hawaii Writing Project! Aloooooha! So glad we have found each other. I really love the Writing Project; it is where I have learned a lot of writing and enjoy putting my thoughts down. I look forward to seeing your posts and great ideas!!

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