Nevada Appeal Columns


I contributed to the Fresh Ideas column on the Opinion page in the Nevada Appeal from 1999-2015. The Appeal is small, but it is the paper of record for Nevada’s capital, Carson City. My columns are sometimes personal and sometimes political. I’ve posted an assortment here. The Appeal has taken some of the links down. There are over a hundred of them out there, taped to refrigerators and lining bird-cages.

Not to worry, December 2014

Teachers aren’t the problem, November 2014

What goes around, comes around, August 2014

On marriage equality, July 2014

Holding Common Core to a higher standard, June 2014

The myth of voter fraud, April 2014

Anger management with a smile, March 2014

Our political roots, November 2013

On marriage & kindness, July 2013

Labor of love, April 2004

Simplest debts hardest to repay, December 2001

Is that you, Mother? December 2001



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